cart and checkout experience

cart and checkout experience

cart and checkout experience

@CVS Pharmacy

Improve retail e-commerce experience within prescription delivery cart that provides clarity and instills confidence in patients, anticipates needs and pays off on the promise of connections that improve delivery adoption and cart conversion within mobile web, iOS and Android platform

RoleUX Designer

ToolsSketch, InVision, Adobe XD, Miro,

Timeline01/13/2020 - Present

Team Member Web team
iOS team
Android team

CompanyCVS Health

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Feature-level Project

Ineligible prescriptions on cart

In Q1 2020, CVS got 1.37M total prescription delivery orders across web and app channel. The traffic visits have grown 940 % vs the same quarter last year. The cart visits are around 4M, where the cart abandon rate is ~60%.

One of the root cause is due to having ineligible prescriptions added to the cart(~31% of Refill Rx), which 66% of customers abandon their cart and intend to pick up their entire Rx if one of all Rx is ineligible for delivery.

The project initiative is to decrease the cart abandon rate by improving the ineligible prescription scenaios on cart.

Metrics improvement since the redesign
Cart abandon rate


Cart to Checkout conversion


Design Thinking Process

- Reviewed past research studies and analytics in Adobe analytics to understand what customers say, do and why, in order to define the root cause and job that customers need to get done.

- Developed a research plan to align our team around our research goals and assupmtions

- Designed the testing prototype with Sketch and InVision, and conducted 2-round usability tests with 5 participants per test in

- Synthesized and interpreted what I've learned into insights, and documented learnings throughout the prototype to make sense of what is working and not working.

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Ineligible Cart

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Portfolio-level Project

Improve store items attach rate on cart

Before the Covid outbreak, the historic store items overall attach rate is around 1~2% in prescription delivery order. Although store items attach rate has grown exponentially over the post-Covid alongside prescription delivery volumes, driven by the pandemic and free shipping,

as prescription delivery grows CVS will see a natural headwind to the revenue if we cannot create a compelling experience of adding store items along with prescription delivery order.

Metrics improvement
CTR of store item banner on Cart


Store item attach rate


Design Thinking Process

- Gained insights into customer behavior and digital properties’ analytics to help drive attach rate enhancements by reviewing qualitative research (n=881)

- Worked with UX peers and business partners to contribute concepts and product strategy. Identified potential risks and subsequent mitigation strategies when developing plans.

- Proposed UX strategy of refining the store item attach module in production through phases to drive behavior changes. Quick guerrilla A/B testing(Monetate) approach by throttling traffic, monitoring, and iterating.

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Store item cross-selling

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Feature-level Project

Improve CarePass membership enrollment in cart

Due to COVID, CVS launched a FREE 1-2 day prescription delivery to all CVS patients and have experienced unprecedented growth, where overall order volume growth has peaked at 800k+ orders (20x growth). Value study has shown that high-level sizing being performed on how many patients are at risk of transferring to a competitor if CVS increases their delivery fee post-COVID.

The business initiative is to upsell CarePass member benefit, FREE Same-Day prescription delivery, to drive member enrollments and maintain cost per order.

It helps customers to unlock Free same-day delivery and shift towards a highly digitally-engaged experience, which supports the north star thinking of delivering a unified experience across in-store and digital journey.

Expected Metrics improvement
Membership enrollment rate


% of patients using Membership benefits (retention)


Design Thinking Process

- Took the UX lead to help shape the overall CarePass membership enrollment and engagement in partnership with Marketing, Engineering , Legal, and UX within an enterprise-level to drive adoption and accelerate growth in CVS prescription delivery experience.

- Conducted competitor and inspiration research and audited current experiences to fuel innovating thinking.

- Communicated user needs and demonstrated how proposed designs solve those to internal team and other stakeholders in 3-rounds design review sessions.

- Refined prototypes for usability tests and ensured interactions are accurately developed in final product for optimal effect and support of user goals by partnering with QA engineer.

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