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UX Design Intern

Team Member

Jeremy Chen (UX), Daniel (PM), Jason (Dev),
Joey (Dev)


Figma, Mural, UserZoom, Google Slides


01/20/2019 - Present



What I Have Done Individually

Identified project goals Planned and executed research plan Task analysis Wrote interview screener and script Conducted user interviews with 4 teachers Designed mental model diagram based on research findings Prioritized user needs Facilitated ideation workshop remotely Designed Wireframe Held design review among 10+ stakeholders Conducted usability testing with 3 participants including writing moderator script Designed design library with Figma Designed high-fidelity prototype with Figma


Classroom web application is a B2B SaaS-based digital whiteboarding platform designed specifically for K-12 teachers. ViewSonic would like to expand their market to the education industry by merging interactive white board with SaaS-based Classroom web application. This project seeks to go beyond products and features toward a deep understanding of customer value creation. The outcomes of this project allow us to have clear value propositions and visual interface that directly target our customers’ most pressing and important jobs, pains, and gains.


How might we help students to reach individual achievements through increasing student engagement for K-12 teachers? By challenging old assumptions about modes of preparing and teaching lessons, ViewSonic could provide a solution to minimize the efforts of preparing lessons by getting actionable feedback from colleagues or learning from the curated library for K-12 teachers. Moreover, ViewSonic could integrate their interactive flat panel displays with its SaaS-based digital whiteboarding platform to provide a physical and virtual experience for teachers to engage students and achieve student success.

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Desktop Research


A study from SCHOLASTIC states that 44% of teachers would like more time to collaborate with colleagues, while 53% of teachers would like to spend less time disciplining students. However, technology is changing how teachers collaborate and is enabling new types of collaboration. Nine in ten (91%) teachers report using websites to find or share lesson plans.

User Interviews and Site Visit

Mental Model Diagram

Based on research findings I got from interviews, I synthesized the findings to mental model diagram. It helps us to develop empathy by understanding what goes through people’s minds.

Mental Model Diagram by Jeremy Chen

Prioritize User Needs

I prioritized among different user needs based on a survey which identifies customer value. Importance is a measurement of how important a particular customer need is to a customer. Satisfaction is a measurement of how satisfied a customer is with a particular solution that provides a certain customer benefit.

Prioritize User Needs by Jeremy Chen

User Needs We Would Like To Solve First



Design Library

Final Design


Unfortunately, due to an NDA I cannot share more information about my project, please contact me to learn more about the project!